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If you haven’t completed (and sent) the questionnaire, you can still go back and change your answers. Using the menu, you can navigate to the subject you want to make changes. If you have completed the questionnaire, you can still see your answers, but you can’t change them. If you want to make changes to your questionnaire, please contact the Servicedesk at They will make sure that you can change your answers without having to redo the entire questionnaire.

No, you don’t. You can pause the questionnaire at any time and restart at that point later. Your answers will be saved automatically, and you can restart at a later moment at point you stopped. The questionnaire will take about half an hour to finish.

It is not possible to receive the questionnaire through the post. There are many possible combinations of questions which means the questionnaire is different for everyone. Depending on the answer you have given, you will receive a different follow up question. Also, all your answers need to be entered in a giant (digital) knowledge system. To be able to do so, your answers need to be entered in your digital account.

It is not possible to add a comment. The questionnaire is an amalgamation of multiple scientifically approved questionnaires. This means that these questions and corresponding answers will lead to the best possible Health Report. After finishing the Check, your answers and measurements will be entered in a giant knowledge system which will create your Personal Health Report. This means we cannot take into account specific disorders or situations because they are not defining factors for the diseases which the Personal Health Check analyses.