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If you haven’t completed (and sent) your measurements, you can still change your measurements by clicking on ‘Lichamelijke testen’ in the menu and selecting the physical test you want to change. If you have already sent in your measurements, you can send an e-mail to The Servicedesk will make sure you can change your measurements. Afterwards you can resend them.

We ask you to enter your heartbeat and blood pressure twice, so that we can get a more accurate measurement. Two measurements are more reliable as the measurements only record a specific moment. It may be that you are a bit nervous for the first test which would result in a higher blood pressure and heartbeat. By taking a second measurement, you can see if a third measurement will give more reliable information.

The blood pressure monitor we use is a Visomat 20/40. This monitor is internationally acknowledged and rated double A by ‘the international protocol’ (ESH). &niped chose for this monitor to ensure the most reliable measurements.


If you want to, you can use a different blood pressure monitor which meets these standards. Click here for a list of approved blood pressure monitors.

There are several notifications the monitor can show. Check the manual if needed.


Error 300

There is too much pressure on the cuff around your arm. The cuff is bloated due to movement of your body or arm during the measuring.

Solution: Try again, sit still, and don’t talk


The air hose is blocked, or the air supply is blocked.

Solution: Check if there is a kink in the hose. It needs to go down beside your arm and check if the air supply from the monitor hasn’t been blocked.


Error 1

The measurement could not be completed due to talking or moving during the measurement.

Solution: Try again, sit still, and don’t talk.


Error 2

The monitor pumps up too quick or too slow

Solution: Check if the hose is fitted correctly and try again.


The error is recognized by the monitor, the cuff isn’t fitted properly around your arm.

Solution: Read the instructions again, try again, sit still, and don’t talk.


Error 3

Releasing air pressure goes to quicky or too slowly

Solution: Make sure you sit still during the measurement.

Error 0

You accidentally pressed the start/stop button while replacing the battery

Solution: Turn the monitor off using the start/stop button if necessary.

No, you don’t. You have paid for the blood pressure monitor or it was provided by your employer/health insurer. The monitor is yours! You can check your blood pressure any time you want. If you participate again with the Personal Health Check, you can reuse your monitor. You will not receive a new one. The monitor will only be sent once free of charge.


You can measure your waist size with a measuring tape. You can find the measuring tape in the checkbox. If you haven’t received a checkbox yet, you can use your own measuring tape. The instructions for measuring your waist size can be found in your account by clicking on menu, then ‘Lichamelijke testen’ followed by ‘Buikomvang’.

Every digital blood pressure monitor will show you your pulse as well as your blood pressure. You can add the measurement directly to your account. If you did not measure your blood pressure yourself or forgot to write the measurement down, you can always measure your pulse by yourself. To do so, you put your finger on your wrist and count the number of pulses per minute to get your heartbeat.

You can find the instructions for measuring your blood pressure with a digital blood pressure monitor in your account by clicking on Menu, ‘Lichamelijke testen’ and then on ‘Bloeddruk’.


There are multiple ways of measuring your blood pressure. The first is that you have received one from your employer or health insurer. Another is that a monitor is available at your office. If this is the case, you can find this information in your personal account. A third possibility is that you get your blood pressure checked at your general practitioner or pharmacy. Please contact them first to find out what the possibilities are.

Every participant has at least the standard setting of the Personal Health Check which consists of the online questionnaire and the physical tests. Blood pressure falls under this category. Without this value, we cannot make a Health Report. Blood pressure is important when determining your risk profile. We need this value, together with your answers to the questionnaire to determine your risks for cardiovascular disease. If it really is impossible to measure your blood pressure, you can mention it in your account, and we will make a Health Report based on the other finished areas. However, blood pressure is an important element for determining your risk profile and we would advise you to enter this measurement.

What components does the physical tests consist of?

The physical tests needed for the Personal Health Check are:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Waist size
  • Blood pressure

Length and weight are important to measure your Body Mass Index. Together with your waist size, we can determine the fat distribution in your body.

Blood pressure is important to determine the risks for cardiovascular diseases. The values for the blood pressure will be combined with your answers to the questionnaire, at least. If you have selected the cholesterol measurement, we can determine your risk profile more accurately.


Some health insurers and employers reimburse the use of the blood pressure monitor. This module will be added automatically, free of charge to your participation after you have entered your voucher code.


If a blood pressure monitor is not offered by your health insurer or employer, you can make an appointment with your general practitioner. You could also go to a pharmacy, healthcare store or ask people you know if you can use their blood pressure monitor.