Your data, your privacy

We understand that you value your privacy. So do we. That’s why we want to be transparent about our privacy policy. Once you have signed up for the Personal Health Check, all your personal data is carefully protected by &niped. Nobody but you will have access to your personal data without your explicit consent.

Want to know more? Read our full privacy statement.

Your privacy in a simple overview

Personal account

If you have created a personal health environment, only you have access to it. Anonymized data about your health, lifestyle and measurements (no name and address data) can be made available to universities and research institutes for scientific, non-commercial research.

NEN–7510 and ISO 27001 certified

&niped sets high quality standards for its assurance of personal data and is NEN-7510 and ISO 27001 certified. These are important certificates when it comes to your privacy. We also work in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).


Cookies are used by Personal Health Check to recognize you when you visit the website so that you can easily access your personal account. We may also use this data to make the website more convenient for our users. The use of cookies is secure. No personal information, such as email address or personal data can be traced from cookies.

Give your (company) doctor insight, only if you want it yourself

You may choose to give a doctor or coach access to your results. For example, so that you can discuss the most appropriate follow-up steps together. You can also revoke your access at any time.

Macro report for employer or insurer

With a minimum of 30 completed participations, your employer or insurer can request a report. These group results can never be traced back to you as an individual participant. With insight into the results at the group level, an employer or insurer can tailor their offer even better to you.


You can have your personal data removed at any time during and after your participation. However, the then anonymized health data will remain available for the study. If you ask us to remove your data, you will no longer have access to your personal account and results. You can submit this request to our service desk.

What happens to your personal and medical information?

Want to know in a nutshell how we handle your personal data? Annabel explains it to you in this video. Turn on the subtitles from the video menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Via a secure, personal health account, all Dutch people from the age of 18 can establish, improve and monitor their personal health report based on current scientific knowledge. Anyone can create a personal health account via the website and use the unique code to access the Persoonlijke Gezondheidscheck with online questionnaires and additional tests. A code can be provided if your insurer/employer/municipality pays for the check. Otherwise, you can also participate for a fee. Depending on the participation, the additional tests are performed at home or at a checkpoint.

Read more about which information &niped collects, how it stays protected and what your rights are in our privacy statement.

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