How does it work?

Your personal health check

It’s the Personal Health Check for a reason; you customize each check. What is always true is that the check starts with an online questionnaire. Then you start with lab tests, our unique checkbox*. Everything completed? Then you can see at once how healthy you are. And did you know that your data is always safe? Once you have signed up for the Personal Health Check, all your personal data is carefully protected by &niped. No one other than you will have access to your personal data without your explicit consent.

*You will only receive the ‘Checkbox’ if any of the following lab tests are part of your check: Lab test for cholesterol and diabetes profile, Lab test for kidney function, Lab test for vitamin D profile.

Fill out the online questionnaire

Start your check with the online questionnaire. The questions are, amongst other things, about your health, lifestyle, and diseases or conditions that possibly run in your family. Filling out the questionnaire takes about 30 minutes of your time. You don’t have to complete it all in one go. You can pause the questionnaire at any time and continue later on.

Perform the home tests with the checkbox*

In addition to the online questionnaire, you can perform several home tests. The home tests give you an even more complete and reliable overview of your health. This in turn helps us to give you concrete and practical tailor-made lifestyle advice.

The following lab tests are available as a home test:

*You will only receive the ‘Checkbox’ if any of these lab tests are part of your check:

Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are common diseases. Every day 1000 people are admitted with problems such as a heart attack or brain hemorrhage. Fortunately, many problems can be prevented by adjusting your lifestyle. For example, by not smoking, exercising enough, and maintaining a healthy weight. With this module, a number of additional questions are asked in the online questionnaire and you receive the unique checkbox with a home test to do a finger prick by yourself, when it suits you. The blood is then tested for your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In your health report you will see the values and you will receive personal advice on how you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

This module consists of a combination of the questionnaire and home tests. The questionnaire contains questions about kidney disease. It also asks whether kidney diseases run in your family. You receive the unique checkbox with a home test to perform a finger prick (the same as for your cholesterol and diabetes profile) and urine test. You send both tubes by post. You will see the results in your personal health environment. With this test, you can reliably discover whether there is an (increased) risk of kidney damage.

Vitamin D is important for our health: it strengthens the immune system and is good for your bones and muscles. Studies show that with good vitamin D levels, there is a lower risk of several serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The module vitamin D consists of a home test. You receive the unique checkbox with material for the finger prick and send the tube by post. In your personal health environment, you then see your value with corresponding advice. Is your value too low? Then you will receive tips on how to increase your vitamin D.

For this, you will receive the unique checkbox at your home address and perform the home test(s) and measurements at your convenience!

Get insights into your health

Your results can be found in your online personal health environment. You will receive insights into your health and lifestyle directly. For example: you can see how high your cholesterol levels are, but also learn about your risks for developing common conditions, such as heart- and vascular diseases. These insights are about your total health. This means that we investigate how your lifestyle influences your risk for developing heart- and vascular diseases, for instance. And of course, we show you what you can do to improve your health, if necessary.



Get started right away

Sometimes your health or vitality levels aren’t in the best condition, and it’s beyond your control. However, there are a lot of risk factors that you can have a positive impact on. More than 70% of the disease burden in Western society is caused by only 10 risk factors (too little exercise, smoking, lack of sleep, calorie intake, nutrition pattern, increased blood pressure, too much stress, excessive alcohol consumption, increased cholesterol and blood sugar levels). Now that you know about your health, you also know what needs to improve. You can get started with interventions offered by organizations that are recommended to you (e.g. a physiotherapist, mindfulness workshop, or gym membership). 62% of the participants actively work on improving their health after completing the check!