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Activating your code for the Personal Health Check is the first step towards more control over your health. How healthy are you really and what can you do to improve your health? Find out for yourself!

How does it work?

Compile your check

Bekijk het pakket dat a.s.r. voor jou vergoed en kies evt. aanvullende modules die voor jou persoonlijk interessant zijn.

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Fill out the online questionnaire

Dit duurt ong. 25 minuten. De vragenlijst kun je tussentijds opslaan en later verder gaan.

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Carry out the home tests

Doe thuis de vingerprik. Je ontvangt deze op jouw huisadres en voert hem uit wanneer het jou uitkomt!

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Insight into your health

Alles afgerond? Je ziet in één keer hoe gezond je bent, wat jouw eventuele risico's zijn en dus wat je kunt verbeteren.

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Get started right away

Je krijgt handige tips om aan de slag te gaan. Zelfstandig of met professionele begeleiding door partijen die speciaal voor jou zijn geselecteerd.

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Why participate?

Insight into your health and vitality

Quite a few diseases and ailments are caused by only ten factors. What are your personal risks? For example, 25% of the Dutch population between the ages of 30 and 70 has high total cholesterol. Once you know how healthy and vital you really are, you know what kinds of improvements you can make.


You can easily put together your own personal health check using the various online questionnaires and home tests of your choice.


A total of 64% of participants are motivated after completing the check to start working on their health. For example, 76% improve their diet and 59% start getting more exercise using the tips from the check!

Personal health environment

Get insight into your health and vitality and get handy and motivational tips to get started either on your own or with professional guidance. And all of this from your own personal online health environment.

Safe & reliable

Your privacy is our top priority. So, it goes without saying that the health check processes your data confidentially.

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A healthier life is within easy reach for everyone. You can easily register through our website. We also have a mobile app. Don’t worry, we explain every step of the process.

Compile your check

Your insurer offers you a complete package! If you would like to expand this package for a personal contribution, you can do so with the additional modules below.

Offered free of charge by a.s.r.

When you participate in the Personal Health Check, you create a personal health environment on an online, secure platform. Only for you. From here you can start the online questionnaires, enter your measurements (height, weight, waist circumference and blood pressure) and view your results. Here you will also find useful tips to get started. Independently or with professional parties that have been selected for you to work with. Everything without obligation and only if you want to.

Tell us more about your exercise, nutrition, smoking and alcohol behavior and relaxation. But also about your medical history and whether there are diseases or disorders in your family. It is an online questionnaire that will take you about 20 minutes. We mainly look at factors that influence your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental problems. So that you know what you can do yourself to improve this yourself. Note: You may not be able to list all your specific health problems in the questionnaire.

Physical or mental overload at work can have major consequences. Think of back, neck or shoulder pain, but also work stress. By identifying work stress or factors that can cause work stress in time, you can prevent burnout. And you keep the pleasure in your work.

In this online questionnaire you answer questions about both your mental work balance (what you can handle at work, which energy sources and stressors you experience, whether you get energy from your work) and your physical work balance (complaints about back, neck, arms and shoulders). With this module you map out your risks and you know how you can prevent risks related to your work.

This module consists of an online questionnaire that focuses on risks and complaints related to eye function. This module is especially suitable if you work in front of a screen for a long time every day. Early detection of eye complaints and poor vision can prevent worse.

When you incur hearing damage, this is often permanent. Loud music, concerts and headphones lead to an increase in hearing damage, especially among young people. Think of deafness or tinnitus. Do you still hear everything well? Or do you misunderstand your friends at a party or in a large group? Make sure you are there on time to prevent worse.

This module consists of an online questionnaire. If it turns out that there is (potential) hearing damage, you will be referred to parties that can help you further.

You will measure your BMI & waist circumference because they give a good impression of your health. An excessive waist size and being overweight increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. These values therefore tell a lot about your risk of, for example, cardiovascular disease. 

You will measure your blood pressure & heart rate because they give a good impression of how your heart and blood vessels are operating. These values therefore say a lot about your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are common diseases. Every day 1000 people are admitted with problems such as a heart attack or brain hemorrhage. Fortunately, many problems can be prevented by adjusting your lifestyle. For example, by not smoking, exercising enough, and maintaining a healthy weight. With this module, a number of additional questions are asked in the online questionnaire and you receive the unique checkbox with a home test to do a finger prick by yourself, when it suits you. The blood is then tested for your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In your health report you will see the values and you will receive personal advice on how you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

This module consists of a combination of the questionnaire and home tests. The questionnaire contains questions about kidney disease. It also asks whether kidney diseases run in your family. You receive the unique checkbox with a home test to perform a finger prick (the same as for your cholesterol and diabetes profile) and urine test. You send both tubes by post. You will see the results in your personal health environment. With this test, you can reliably discover whether there is an (increased) risk of kidney damage.

Extra modules

Everyone is sometimes busy, anxious or depressed. That in itself is nothing special. We only speak of a disorder if a psychological complaint interferes with daily life.

Disorders come in all shapes and sizes and often have a major impact on daily life. The three most common complaints are: not being able to sleep well, worrying and too much stress. This can have unpleasant consequences. When the complaints become a disorder, every day is a challenge. It is then difficult to lead a normal life, to maintain contacts, to go to school or to work.

The online questionnaire* looks at anxiety, depression and burnout. If it turns out that you experience more complaints than you should, you will be referred to parties or professional guidance that can help you further.

*The questionnaire has been scientifically validated.

This module consists of a combination of the questionnaire and home tests. The questionnaire contains questions about kidney disease. It also asks whether kidney diseases run in your family. You receive the unique checkbox with a home test to perform a finger prick (the same as for your cholesterol and diabetes profile) and urine test. You send both tubes by post. You will see the results in your personal health environment. With this test, you can reliably discover whether there is an (increased) risk of kidney damage.

Vitamin D is important for our health: it strengthens the immune system and is good for your bones and muscles. Studies show that with good vitamin D levels, there is a lower risk of several serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The module vitamin D consists of a home test. You receive the unique checkbox with material for the finger prick and send the tube by post. In your personal health environment, you then see your value with corresponding advice. Is your value too low? Then you will receive tips on how to increase your vitamin D.

The check was developed in collaboration with doctors' organizations and health funds

Longfonds Hartstichting Diabetes Fonds GGD GHOR Nierstichting

More than 400,000 people preceded you

Frequently Asked Questions

Via a secure, personal health account, all Dutch people from the age of 18 can establish, improve and monitor their personal health report based on current scientific knowledge. Anyone can create a personal health account via the website and use the unique code to access the Persoonlijke Gezondheidscheck with online questionnaires and additional tests. A code can be provided if your insurer/employer/municipality pays for the check. Otherwise, you can also participate for a fee. Depending on the participation, the additional tests are performed at home or at a checkpoint.

For anyone aged 18 and older who wants insight into their health and what they can do to live a healthier life if necessary. See next question for the exceptions.

Your insurer does not receive any insight of your medical information or your personal account.

Your insurer can ask for a company report with medical information on group level (minimum of 30 participants for a report). This information is anonymous and cannot be traced back to any individual. If a insurer has less than 30 participants, a report will not be provided.

If you have received an invitation with a voucher code, you have to enter it during the registration to gain access to the modules free of charge. If you forget, the page for private participation will show. If you see this page and you have a voucher code, please send an email to The Servicedesk will change the settings of your account so you can restart your registration and fill in the code.
It is also possible that you selected a module that is not covered by your health insurer, employer or municipality. If this is the case, you will have to pay for the module or remove it from the chosen modules.

Read more about which information &niped collects, how it stays protected and what your rights are in our privacy statement.

In our opinion, taking the Personal Health Check could still be useful. The Personal Health Check will take into consideration that you are being treated by a general practitioner. The fact that you are being treated for something, does not mean your entire body is being treated by the general practitioner. The Personal Health Check covers several common diseases which can be prevented if they discovered at an early stage. Participating in the Personal Health Check will give you more insight about your health.

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